What's going on at Texas A&M?
What's going on at Texas A&M?
What's going on at Texas ...

What's going on at Texas A&M?

Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?
Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?
Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Tur...

Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?

Will the SEC Network Carry Clemson at Georgia?
Will the SEC Network Carry Clemson at Georgia?
Will the SEC Network Carr...

Will the SEC Network Carry Clemson at Georgia?

Game of Thrones Season Four Episode 3: Tywin Interrupts the Orgy Edition
Game of Thrones Season Four Episode 3: Tywin Interrupts the Orgy Edition
Game of Thrones Season Fo...

Game of Thrones Season Four Episode 3: Tywin Interrupts the Orgy Edition

Johnny Jetski: Manziel Snags Deep Ball
Johnny Jetski: Manziel Snags Deep Ball
Johnny Jetski: Manziel Sn...

Johnny Jetski: Manziel Snags Deep Ball

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Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?

Written by: Clay Travis

Last week, as it is virtually every week, the WWE's "Monday Night Raw" was one of the most watched television shows on cable, posting the second, third and fourth most watched hours on cable television. The only cable hour that had more viewers was HBO's "Game of Thrones." The WWE beat every NBA playoff game on cable by nearly a million viewers. Look at the ratings and it's readily apparent, the WWE brings big time viewers. Interestingly enough the WWE is also in the midst of negotiating new television rights deals, aiming for in the neighborhood of $200 million a year, a big increase over the $139.5 million a year which the WWE currently receives from its broadcast partners.

Why the big increase?

Because sports on television means big ratings. (Yes, I'm counting the WWE as a sport). Ninety percent of the WWE's viewers watch live. Right now the WWE's television package, in addition to Monday Night's "Raw," includes Syfy’s “Friday Night SmackDown,” “Main Event” on ION Television, the CW’s “Saturday Morning Slam” and the reality show “Total Divas” on E! That's a lot of programming. I've been paying a lot of attention to the WWE recently and, full disclosure, I am a shareholder in the company. (There's nothing like telling your wife that you've invested part of your retirement savings in the WWE). With the launch of their new over-the-top network. I wrote about the WWE network extensively a couple of weeks ago.  

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Butch Jones is putting together one hell of a recruiting class at Tennessee.

While Jones's Vols went just 5-7 on the field this year, they're presently number two in the country in recruiting. 

Nineteen of the Vol prospects are ranked either four or five stars by major recruiting services.

But I'm not sure any of them have committed in a better way than what just happened.

Meet Charles Mosley, a four star defensive lineman from Brighton, Tennessee.

Mosley picked the Vols over Alabama, Auburn, and Georgia. 

How did he commit to Tennessee?

College Football Title Game Rankings

Written by: Clay Travis

You guys are really enjoying the weekly college football ratings numbers, so I've broken them out into their own post this week. (FYI, ratings is a different number than total viewers. The later in the day, generally speaking, the more total viewers there are for TV shows. Ratings is just the straight number.)  

I'll give you the specific numbers below, but here's the TV ratings order:

1. SEC title game

2. Big Ten 

3. Big 12 "title" game (Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State)

4. ACC title game

5. AAC's UCF vs. SMU (default title game for UCF)

6. Pac 12 title game 

7. Conference USA title game

2013 Bowl Lineup

Written by: Clay Travis

While they won't be officially announced for a little over an hour, the bowl games are set. 

Here are the BCS bowls:

BCS Title: Auburn vs. Florida State

Rose Bowl: Michigan State vs. Stanford

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Oklahoma

Fiesta Bowl: Baylor vs. Central Florida

Orange Bowl: Ohio State vs. Clemson

Outkick's Top Ten For Week 15

Written by: Clay Travis

It's time for the bowls. 

But first, let's say goodbye to the BCS. 

While we often castigated and ridiculed the BCS, the end results were almost uniformly positive. Aside from Auburn in 2004, there are very few teams with legitimate gripes about being left behind by the system. 

It was far from perfect, but he BCS was a necessary middle ground en route to a playoff. 

I'm glad to see the BCS go, but I will miss the idea that the best teams in college football can be reduced to quartiles based on computer rankings.

Now on to Outkick's top ten, where we determine the best teams based on one thing, the most reliable measurement tool on earth -- the Clay Travis eye test.  

Auburn Belongs in the BCS Title Game

Written by: Clay Travis

No one in the college football country is stopping Auburn's rushing attack right now. 

Not Florida State, not Ohio State, not Alabama, not Missouri, not anyone. 

Tonight Auburn posted 59 points on Missouri, a team that had given up no more than 28 points to any of the teams it had played this year. 

Auburn didn't just win, the Tigers imposed their physical will on a Georgia Dome crowd bedecked in orange. When it was was all over Auburn had rushed for 544 yards, Tre Mason, looking like Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl, had gone over 300 yards, and any argument that a one-loss SEC team didn't belong in Pasadena had been put on ice.  

2013 SEC Title CBS Drinking Game

Written by: Clay Travis

It's back!

#cbsdrink returns just in time for the final SEC football game of the year, the game everyone predicted back in August -- Missouri vs. Auburn. 

I wish I could go back in time to write this column -- not because I'd look like a genius -- but to see the indignation that would have poured in over that prediction. 

Apologies for taking so long to get the rules up this week, but it's been busy here. 

Hope y'all survived the ice storm. 

Play along with your Internet friends at #cbsdrink

I apologize for the mailbag being late today, but I've been down in Atlanta running around at all the SEC title game events. 

But because I know many of you don't feel comfortable rolling into the weekend without the mailbag here we go. 

Our beaver pelt trader of the week is Auburn's Chris Davis. 

Because, you know, he just pulled off the most amazing play in college football history. 

Eric H. writes:

"Clay, I know you will not answer my question because it is regarding the Big Ten Championship game but I am asking it anyways. On Saturday night my wife and I are participating in a progressive dinner, you know one of those things where you bring food and travel to other's houses to eat it (I don't get it). We couldn't say no but both knew of the game that night, both of us are Buckeye fans that don't miss a game.

We were banking on the fact we could watch the game at the last house we were going to be at but we just found out last night this house does not have cable. What is our excuse to leave so we can go watch the game?"

Jameis Winston Case Ends With No Charges Filed

Written by: Clay Travis

Ultimately the Jameis Winston case boiled down to the credibility of the alleged victim’s claims of rape against the sworn statements of Winston’s two friends that the sex acts were consensual.

The alleged victim said she was raped by a man that she did not know. She submitted to a rape test and contacted authorities within hours of what she believed was a sexual assault. A month later she realized who her assailant was and informed authorities. But her story was not iron clad and her recollections were spotty. Her one consistent theme was this -- she maintained she was raped for nearly a year, since the December 7th encounter between she and Winston.  

Jameis Winston, on the other hand, never spoke to authorities when they asked for his side of the story. Instead his defense team proferred two afffidavits from friends who claimed to have witnessed a consensual sexual encounter between the woman and Winston in the bedroom of Winston’s apartment.

Those two friends asserted that they’d seen a consensual sexual relationship through Winston’s bedroom door, which didn’t lock. They also said that the alleged victim had been a willing participant in the trip back to Winston’s apartment and that she hadn’t been too drunk to consent to sexual activity.

Those stories contradicted what the victim told police, that she’d passed out in Winston’s apartment, refused consent, and been sexually assaulted in both the bedroom and the bathroom. 

By Brandon Priddy

I made a poor life decision on Saturday night. One that will resonate with me for years to come with consequences I'm just now beginning to fully appreciate. I write this not for myself, but as a service to you, my fellow sports fans. I write this so you won't make the same mistake I did. Robert Frost once wrote that he took the road less traveled and that made all the difference.

Let this be your difference. Don't take my road.  

Texas Site Goes All In On Nick Saban to Texas

Written by: Clay Travis

Nick Saban to Texas is the rumor that will not die.

Last night a social media firestorm erupted over Saban to Texas. (Above photo via yahoo).

Where did it originate?

At a website called InsideTexas.com. 

And via a writer who goes by the pen name of Jesus Shuttlesworth.

Yes, I'm for real.  

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