Michael Pineda's pine tar stunt wasn't as dumb as you thought. It's worse.
Michael Pineda's pine tar stunt wasn't as dumb as you thought. It's worse.
Michael Pineda's pine tar...

Michael Pineda's pine tar stunt wasn't as dumb as you thought. It's worse.

Why I sometimes want to be a member of the 85%
Why I sometimes want to be a member of the 85%
Why I sometimes want to b...

Why I sometimes want to be a member of the 85%

The 25 Highest Rated Sports Talk Stations March of 2014
The 25 Highest Rated Sports Talk Stations March of 2014
The 25 Highest Rated Spor...

The 25 Highest Rated Sports Talk Stations March of 2014

What's going on at Texas A&M?
What's going on at Texas A&M?
What's going on at Texas ...

What's going on at Texas A&M?

Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?
Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?
Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Tur...

Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?

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Every three or four months Outkick takes a look at the sports talk radio ratings to compile the top 25 sports talk stations in the country. The only public data on these ratings is published here and relies upon the largest possible measurement of the audience -- ratings share for listeners ages six + from six in the morning until midnight.  It's not a perfect data set, but it's the most fair since a station can't rate highly all day long unless its day part ratings are much higher than the six to midnight number.

These are ratings share numbers, not total listener numbers. That is, each station is being compared based on the percentage of people in a market listening, not based on the number of listeners. But as you can see below, both large, small, and mid-size cities are well-represented in this list.  

So which stations in the nation's fifty largest radio markets are the highest rated in the country for March?

You can dive in below. 

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Okay, slackers, it's mailbag time.

It's become a routine for me to praise you, but you guys continue to inundate me with great mailbag questions on Twitter and via email. I read everything y'all send me, but if I replied to all of you I'd never do anything else. So, as always, thank you for reading and for sending in such excellent questions.

Our beaver pelt trader(s) of the week is the police department in Massachusetts. They took their time in the Aaron Hernandez investigation and completely and totally nailed him for this murder.

Well done.  

Now, on to the mailbag. 

By Christopher Haddock

In anticipation of the start of the 100th Tour de France this Saturday, I’d like to share a cycling experience from earlier this spring. The first week of May I rode in the 3 State 3 Mountain Century Challenge in Chattanooga TN, a rather epic 100 mile ride comprised of over 8,000 feet of climb with ascents of three mountains located in three different states. This ride brings 2000+ cyclists to the area every year from over thirty states. Having greatly suffered on this ride last year when I was new to cycling, I had this date circled on the calendar for payback. I was also excited to represent the new race team out of Bear Creek Bikes in Dalton, Ga.

Trying to Make Sense of Aaron Hernandez

Written by: Clay Travis

Aaron Hernandez stands a very good chance of spending the rest of his life in prison. It's a remarkable fall for a guy who signed a five year $37.5 million contract extension last year. Early this morning news also broke that police are investigating Hernandez in connection with a double murder in Boston last year.

If you guys are at all like me -- and unfortunately for your employers many of you are -- you have tons of questions about the Aaron Hernandez case. 

So let's dive in and examine the case against Hernandez and several remaining questions. 

We all know Hernandez is dumb, but does he have any legitimate defenses to the murder charge? What do we still need to know?

Aaron Hernandez Charged With First Degree Murder

Written by: Clay Travis

Today Aaron Hernandez was arrested and charged with first degree murder. The judge denied his defense attorney's request for bail. 

Based on the evidence laid out by the prosecution -- both video surveillance and text message -- prosecutors can place Hernandez at the murder scene at the time of death. 

Assuming this video and text evidence is admissible at trial, Hernandez has only two real lines fo defense: a. he didn't pull the trigger and/or b. someone else killed the victim after they dropped him off at the scene.

Both of these defenses are incredibly weak, especially in light of the shell casings that they found in one of the rental cars. 

Indeed, the scope and breadth of the police work in this case is astoundingly detailed.  

This was not a slipshod job. 

Former Oregon Coach Chip Kelly Wins Again

Written by: Clay Travis

The news is officially out concerning the 27 month, 27 month!, NCAA investigation into Oregon's improper relationship with a recruiting service. 

And, no surprise, the practical impact on the Oregon football team is negligible, no bowl ban, no significant scholarship reductions, just a slap on the wrist. 

The biggest punishment is for Chip Kelly, who received an 18 month show cause penalty. 

Except, you guessed it, Chip Kelly already skipped town, signing a $32.5 million dollar contract to coach in the NFL. That contract doubled Kelly's Oregon salary. The result? Kelly will make a cool $9.75 million while serving out that 18 month show cause penalty.

How will he ever survive the cold Philly winter making only $540,000 a month while on NCAA probation?

By Kevin M

When is it acceptable, if ever, to sell your season tickets to a huge game for financial reasons only (i.e. – you’re in town, no family member is sick, you have no work obligations the next morning). For example, prices for Heat/Spurs Game 7 tickets were pretty ridiculous. If you owned a pair of average seats in the lower bowl and could get 8-10x’s face value, at what point do you start thinking like an investor and cashing out on your overvalued asset? Does your fandom for that team automatically get revoked if you sell? 

The Real Star of Skywire: Nik Wallenda's Jeans

Written by: Hayley Frank

Last night’s Skywire with Nik Wallenda garnered 40,000 tweets a minute. I feel like that’s a pretty amazing statistic, and I also feel pretty strongly that 60% of those 40,000 tweets were most likely about Nik’s amazing jeans.

If you're Nik Wallenda, you have one night of national television where all eyes will be literally on your lower body. There are no guidelines and you aren’t limited to what you can wear; in fact, you have the option to choose from literally any piece of clothing in existence currently. And of all the articles of clothing you can choose from to put on your body, you choose a pair of thigh-hugging bell-bottom jeans that accentuate your thunder thighs exceptionally. You choose a pair of pants that, totally separate from last night’s show, are incredibly offensive on their own. If these pants happened to be seen in any normal setting, on any normal guy just strolling down any normal street, they would be offensive to me. So I’m not making special rules for TV here.

Yes, Nik Wallenda was at risk of plummeting to his death on national television, but the more perilous thing last night was his jeans situation. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them; they were mesmerizing. The only thing worse than watching him waddle down that rope at a painfully slow pace, wasting everyone’s time (including Jesus’) was when the camera switched to the backside angle, and I had to watch him waddle from behind.

Nik Wallenda, the Grand Canyon and TV's Future

Written by: Clay Travis

What would have happened if Nik Wallenda fell 1500 feet to his death in the Grand Canyon?

Would the cameras cut away, would Wallenda's mic stay live -- you think he might curse instead of praising Jesus during the plummet? -- would his father's mic catch the reaction to his son's death in real time, would we see any family reaction shots? What would the Discovery Channel do if Wallenda fell? 

How much blame would the Discovery Channel bear? Should they bear any at all? After all, the reason the Discovery Channel is airing the event is because they know we'll watch. Wouldn't we all be partially to blame for Wallenda's death then? After all, he's probably not walking across the Grand Canyon if no one is watching.

So can you really blame television executives for pushing the envelope when we reward them for pushing the envelope? And is it fair to expect television execs to exercise a form of paternalism and not give us what we're telling them to give us because they think the end results might be bad for us? 

I kept having these thoughts tonight as I watched -- along with tons of you on Twitter -- Wallenda traverse the Grand Canyon.

I know many of you had many of the same thoughts and questions.

Because when you boil it all down we watched Wallenda's feat for a simple reason -- because he might die attempting it.

The Friday mailbag is here so you guys can stop pretending to work. 

It's time to relax and dive in to an escape. And, honestly, make sure you read the final mailbag question.

It's a work of art.  

Our beaver pelt traders of the week?

The Prancing Elites of Mobile, Alabama. 

They're an all male Alabama dance squad. 

This video will make  your weekend. 


Kentucky basketball and Alabama football fans consistently do the most ridiculous things.

That's because the two fandoms are mirror images of each other. 

Back in April we brough you the Bama fan who was married standing outside the spring game in a Stabler jersey, jean shorts, and a houndstooth hat. 

Now, via Kentucky Sports Radio -- who received this picture direct from the proud couple -- we bring you the Kentucky man who was married in a basketball jersey. 

This UK fan is just a comedy pyramid. 

How do I love this awkward fan photo? Let me count the 13 ways. 

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