Why I sometimes want to be a member of the 85%
Why I sometimes want to be a member of the 85%
Why I sometimes want to b...

Why I sometimes want to be a member of the 85%

The 25 Highest Rated Sports Talk Stations March of 2014
The 25 Highest Rated Sports Talk Stations March of 2014
The 25 Highest Rated Spor...

The 25 Highest Rated Sports Talk Stations March of 2014

What's going on at Texas A&M?
What's going on at Texas A&M?
What's going on at Texas ...

What's going on at Texas A&M?

Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?
Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?
Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Tur...

Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?

Will the SEC Network Carry Clemson at Georgia?
Will the SEC Network Carry Clemson at Georgia?
Will the SEC Network Carr...

Will the SEC Network Carry Clemson at Georgia?

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Every three or four months Outkick takes a look at the sports talk radio ratings to compile the top 25 sports talk stations in the country. The only public data on these ratings is published here and relies upon the largest possible measurement of the audience -- ratings share for listeners ages six + from six in the morning until midnight.  It's not a perfect data set, but it's the most fair since a station can't rate highly all day long unless its day part ratings are much higher than the six to midnight number.

These are ratings share numbers, not total listener numbers. That is, each station is being compared based on the percentage of people in a market listening, not based on the number of listeners. But as you can see below, both large, small, and mid-size cities are well-represented in this list.  

So which stations in the nation's fifty largest radio markets are the highest rated in the country for March?

You can dive in below. 

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During a recent conversation regarding the Kentucky football team, a friend and I were discussing the possibility of Mike Leach coaching our beloved Wildcats.  My friend suggested UK build a pirate ship in the east end of Commonwealth Stadium to entice Leach, a la the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

This past Saturday provided a perfect window into the ongoing battle for the hearts and mind of the football crazy state of Texas. On one side stood the Texas Longhorns and on the other stood the Texas A&M Aggies, each of whom adopted different strategies to grow their brand going forward. Texas gambled that the Longhorn Network would make its program a national brand while A&M gambled that wedding its program to the SEC would provide a larger benefit.

Saturday provided an intriguing examination of the two paths: The Texas Longhorns played an eleven in the morning kickoff against Iowa State in front of a miniscule television audience on the Longhorn Network. Later that day, at 2:30 central, Texas A&M kicked off against the top rated Alabama Crimson Tide nationwide on CBS. While virtually no one could see the Texas game, the A&M game became the second highest rated football game of the season, behind only last week's Alabama-LSU game. 

Today news trickled out about the ratings in individual markets. The state of Texas featured three of the top 12 highest rated television markets in the country for A&M at Alabama. Which Texas city had the highest rating in the state? Austin, which posted a 16.3 rating, the third highest rating in the entire nation. (Dallas and Houston were a robust 10 and 12, respectively).

Remember when Texas athletic director Deloss Dodds said before the season that Texas A&M and the SEC "have a small sliver of the east side?"

Well, he was completely wrong.  

Texas A&M Senior Pays off Bet With Butt Tattoo

Written by: Clay Travis

Yesterday we brought you the story of a college football fan who got the Texas A&M -- Bama score tattooed on his butt. We asked for your help in tracking him down. OKTC readers delivered within five hours when I received the following email.

Subject line: ass tattoo

"This is the guy with the tattoo. I'm not really sure how to approach this."

Meet Calvin N., a senior majoring in business at Texas A&M. What's the story behind the butt tattoo that has taken the Internet by storm? Dive in.


Our ass tattoo story begins in the preseason, as all ass tattoo stories do, when Calvin, a lifelong A&M fan who began attending games with his family when he was a young kid, made a bet with his roommates. See, Calvin wasn't very optimistic in the pre-season about A&M's chances in the Aggies first year in the SEC. So he bet his roommates that the Aggies would lose at Alabama. Their bet? The roommates put up $100 if Bama won and Calvin promised that if A&M beat Bama, "I'd get a tattoo of the score on my ass."

"It seemed like a pretty good bet," Calvin said. Although he was a bit worried since, "I honestly hate tattoos."


Written by: Todd Fuhrman

Saturday's upset in Tuscaloosa sent shockwaves through the SEC.  Fallout in the betting world ran deep as well, forcing drastic changes in the college football futures market. What exactly did Alabama's loss mean to the odds to win the BCS? The single result left a few Kansas St backers holding tickets at 100-1 and Notre Dame bettors at 40-1 brimming with new found confidence.

By Craig Hayes

In the classic western Lonesome Dove, there is a wonderful scene where the novel's resident philosopher, Augustus McCrae, implores the beautiful, yet tragic character Lorena, to appreciate the everyday, little things in life, rather than build up big dreams in your head, only to be disappointed in the end. For Gus, those things were a soft mattress and a glass of buttermilk.

Bama Fan Gets A&M Score Tattooed On His Behind

Written by: Clay Travis

Update: we have tracked down the butt tattoo better. And interviewed him. Enjoy. 

So many of you sent me this photo of a fan with the A&M-Bama score tattooed on his behind that I assumed it had to be photoshopped.

Especially since it was first sent to me a couple of hours after the game. But so far it appears to be real.

And spectacular.

So now our OKTC quest is simple, let's find this guy.

Here's where the story first emerged, on Reddit.

(The tattoo is made all the better because the apostrophe is after the 12' as opposed to before it. It's like a beautiful metaphor of Alabama fandom).

We found the cleanest picture of the butt tattoo that we could because otherwise it was just a way too close picture of a guy's hairy butt. Even a gay person like me doesn't want to see that.

Starting 11: SEC Still Alive For BCS Title

Written by: Clay Travis

There are six teams still alive for the BCS title, I'll break down all six teams and their road to the title game below in the Starting 11, but if you're a fan of Kansas State, Oregon, Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, your teams title chances are still pretty alive.

Everyone else is eliminated from BCS title contention.

In the wake of Alabama's loss to Texas A&M there was a knee jerk reaction from many who argued the SEC's title reign was over. But that's not necessarily true. There's still a pretty good chance that at least one SEC team plays for the title. And there's even a small chance that we still have an all SEC title game.

Let's dive in to the Starting 11 and I'll explain how. But, first, we begin with our old friend the UT fan and his reaction to the Mizzou loss:

Tonight Johnny Manziel won the Heisman trophy.


If you vote for anyone else, you're blind, deaf, and stupid.

Or a Bama fan.

Manziel's performance on the road tonight was the best big game performance by any player all season. The fact that a redshirt freshman sliced and diced a Nick Saban defense for 345 total yards passing and rushing is downright incomprehensible.

It's amazing.

It's the perfect capstone to the game of the year.

I didn't think it was possible there'd be a better game than Bama-LSU all season. Then it happened seven days later.

I'm still in awe.

The fact that Manziel, a redshirt freshman, just led his team to a road win over the number one team in the country in their first season in the SEC is the feverish dream of the most red Aggie on earth.

That. Just. Happened.

Derek Dooley's Vol Tenure Ends, At Last

Written by: Clay Travis

Today the Derek Dooley era officially ended in Knoxville.

Congrats to Mizzou on a 51-48 four overtime win, but for those of us who have watched Dooley coached football teams for three years, the opponent is irrelevant. We saw incompetence on a massive scale no matter who the Vols played. Today just added to the misery -- two fourth down conversions to wide open receivers on 4th and 9 or more -- how is it possible for a wide receiver to be that open in the end zone!!!! -- an utterly incompetent end of regulation when Dooley chose overtime rather than take a chance at going for the win with one of the best offenses ever assembled in Tennessee history.

It's not just that Tennessee is bad, it's that they have a ton of talent and are still incompetent. For two years, Dooley promised that all he needed was time to grow his bamboo. He never told us that when the bamboo finally grew he'd shove the pieces under our fingernails and step on our fingertips with his cane.

Three years into the Dooley regime the degree of incompetence is still staggering. After coaching 22 SEC games, Derek Dooley has the same number of SEC wins, four, as Lane Kiffin did in his lone season as Vols coach in 2009. In 2008 Tennessee fired Phillip Fulmer, who went 3-5 in the SEC. In his final season as Vol coach Fulmer posted one less SEC win than Dooley has in three years. Yep, Tennessee fired a coach who was 152-52 overall, a year removed from a late fourth quarter SEC title game lead against national champion LSU, and ultimately replaced him with a guy who was 17-20 in the WAC.

Anyone with half a brain -- and on good days I have a half -- could see that Dooley wasn't the answer.

Today the final vestiges of residual Dool-Aid drinking idiocy collapsed as quickly as the Vol defense on passing downs. Tennessee is the first team in SEC history to allow 38 or more points in six straight conference games.


Dooley is now 4-18 as an SEC coach, 1-13 in his last 14 SEC games. 

For a program as proud and committed to excellence as Tennessee football has been for over a hundred years, that degree of futility is simply staggering. Mind-boggling, just about impossible for anyone to accomplish, no matter how bad of a coach they are.   

Tommy Tuberville Slaps Assistant On Sideline

Written by: Clay Travis

Tommy Tuberville just lost it on the sideline.

Maybe being in Lubbock has finally caused him to flip out.

I'm not sure exactly what the line is on the sideline.

But I'm pretty sure that slapping a guy, while ripping off his headset, and knocking his hat off is somewhere over that line.

Go ahead and take Tuberville out of the mix for the Arkansas and Kentucky jobs.

This is going to be a big story.

Anybody have any idea what the assistant did? Was he coaching Tennessee's defense?

It looks like Tuberville tells him to, "Go home."

Good thing he didn't put him in a shed.

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