Kentucky Fan Gets Asked to Prom Via Jersey
Kentucky Fan Gets Asked to Prom Via Jersey
Kentucky Fan Gets Asked t...

Kentucky Fan Gets Asked to Prom Via Jersey



Should Tallahassee Police Get a National Title Ring?
Should Tallahassee Police Get a National Title Ring?
Should Tallahassee Police...

Should Tallahassee Police Get a National Title Ring?

Johnny Manziel Introduces New Lady Friend At Rangers Game
Johnny Manziel Introduces New Lady Friend At Rangers Game
Johnny Manziel Introduces...

Johnny Manziel Introduces New Lady Friend At Rangers Game

Cuonzo Is Gonzo: So Who's Next for the Vols?
Cuonzo Is Gonzo: So Who's Next for the Vols?
Cuonzo Is Gonzo: So Who's...

Cuonzo Is Gonzo: So Who's Next for the Vols?

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Kentucky Fan Gets Asked to Prom Via Jersey

Written by: Clay Travis

Since Outkick is generally a site that brings you the sweetest, cuddliest, nicest news on the Internet, we thought it was time to remind you that it's prom season across our nation's country. A time when hormone-crazed teenage boys contemplate every possible way to get their dates to sleep with them -- while mostly failing -- and fathers contemplate killing whichever boy shows up to take out their teenage daughter.  

Which brings us to this heartwarming story delivered to Outkick's email:

Will Ernst writes:

"My sister got asked to prom by her boyfriend who made a custom Kentucky jersey. We live in Lincoln, Nebraska now but moved from Kentucky awhile back. Hope you enjoy."

Okay, all together now -- awwwww. 

This is probably the best use of a Kentucky basketball jersey on a white man since Patrick Sparks. 

Congrats, Liz.

Have fun at prom.

(P.S. despite what your date tells you blue balls aren't an actual medical condition.)  

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College Cliff Notes Week 5

Written by: Todd Fuhrman

Long winded break downs about tactical advantages are boring.  If I don’t want to read them myself, you don't either.  Gambling info distilled to its essence with eveything you need to know before you walk to the window for Week 5.

Today word officially came down that Jim Rome's new CBS Sports Radio show will air from 12-3 eastern on the new CBS Sports Radio Network. Prior to this announcement word had also been released that Doug Gottlieb's show will air from 3-6 eastern. Cumulus, the nation's second largest radio company, has also signed on to provide most of the distribution for the new CBS Sports radio network.

Indeed, in the press release announcing Rome's new show, the following language is added at the bottom, "Cumulus Media Networks serves as the exclusive syndicator and sales partner for CBS Sports Radio."

The big question hanging out here is this, how will CBS and Cumulus distribute Jim Rome and Doug Gottlieb's shows when distributing them on sports stations that people actually listen to would require the displacement of much more successful shows?

This is a big issue that impacts tens of millions of sports talk radio listeners.

The easy answer is this -- not many people will be listening to Rome and Gottlieb.

Let me explain why.

Occasionally Vinnie Verno makes a prediction that's so laughably off that I have to call him out here.

Such is the case this week. Picking Arkansas +13.5 over Texas A&M is the dumbest prediction in Vinnie's illustrious gambling history. I mean, has he actually watched Arkansas this year? And has he seen the amount of points that Arkansas's defense has been giving up? If A&M scores less than 40 points, I'll be shocked.

This is going to be an A&M bloodbath.


On to Vinnie's picks.

SEC Report Cards

Written by: Todd Fuhrman

It’s time for Vegas to issue September report cards. Alabama’s rise to prominence shouldn’t surprise any of us nor should Arkansas’ fall from grace (although anyone who saw outright losses to ULM and Rutgers before the year is lying). There are plenty of questions that need answering but there's no better way to gauge early season progress than by comparing current form to each team's preseason win total.

By: Jeff “SQUIRREL” Tew  

On October 30, 1977 I was born in Dothan, Alabama to a family who had bled Alabama Crimson since the football teams’ inception in 1892. Growing up, all I knew was Alabama football.

By Jacob Cooper

The prevailing sentiment around the country is that Razorback fans are willing to do anything to get Bobby Petrino back. With each game that interim head coach John L. Smith lets slip away, the chorus grows louder.

By Chris Haddock

Thirty-nine years ago a woman went into labor on her 25th Birthday. Eighteen hours later on the following morning she delivered her first child. She spent the next two and a half decades raising this son. She was a Bama fan. 

It's a big week for Derek Dooley as his Vols travel to Athens to take on the undefeated Georgia Bulldogs.

Given the fact that Georgia is a two touchdown favorite, it's probably unfair to expect Dooley to pull off the upset. But the tension in Knoxville in the wake of an awful final eighteen minutes against Florida has Dooley's job status as a constant topic. Which brings to local radio station WNML, the Sports Animal, the Volunteer affiliate, ground zero for Vol fan disgust.

Every morning Doc, Jeff, and Heather talk sports. The trio is an odd couple (plus one) of sorts, Doc is Mickey Dearstone, longtime voice of the Tennessee Lady Vols, Jeff Jacoby has been covering the Vols for 14 years, and Heather Harrington is a former Lady Vol volleyball player.  

On Tuesday morning a caller was arguing that Derek Dooley needed to go. This same call has been received by the trio every day for the past three years.

Usually, nothing extraordinary happens, but Tuesday, lucky for all of us, something snapped.

Leading to radio gold.

Tainted Touchception

Written by: Todd Fuhrman

For those living under a rock, there happened to be a bit of controversy surrounding the finish to last night’s Monday Night Football game between Seattle and Green Bay.  Golden Tate’s catch/no catch/interception/touchception not only decided the outright winner of the game, it created a 9 figure shift in gambling payouts.

NFL's Fail Safe Fails On Monday Night Football

Written by: Clay Travis

Officiating errors happen.

Especially when you take high school refs and put them under the NFL microscope. Then you magnify that focus even more by putting replacement refs in the biggest game of the week, the one watched by everyone at the same time. Even with the real refs the worst time for a bad call to happen is when everyone is watching live. With social media the backlash is immediate and all encompassing. Even people who weren't watching turned on Sportscenter to see the aftermath of the debacle.

Catch or no catch, touchdown or interception, this play represented a failure of the NFL's fail safe instant replay review system, the NFL's own BP oil spill.

Even the best designed systems fail.

And make no mistake, the NFL failed on Monday night.

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