Bama Fans Propose at Spring Game
Bama Fans Propose at Spring Game
Bama Fans Propose at Spri...

Bama Fans Propose at Spring Game

All That and a Bag of Mail: Men Peeing in the Shower Edition
All That and a Bag of Mail: Men Peeing in the Shower Edition
All That and a Bag of Mai...

All That and a Bag of Mail: Men Peeing in the Shower Edition

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Kentucky Fan Gets Asked to Prom Via Jersey
Kentucky Fan Gets Asked t...

Kentucky Fan Gets Asked to Prom Via Jersey



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Should Tallahassee Police Get a National Title Ring?
Should Tallahassee Police...

Should Tallahassee Police Get a National Title Ring?

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Bama Fans Propose at Spring Game

Written by: Clay Travis

There are few things more romantic than proposing to your future wife at Alabama's spring game.

At least that's what the 85% of Alabama fans think.  

It's become an annual tradition, Alabama hosts a free spring football game and 85%'ers fall all over themselves to remember this moment forever, via a spring game proposal. Today we already have at least two such proposals. The first arrives via @mcbradtrey, who snapped this heartwarming photo of a bald man dropping down to one knee on the Bryant-Denny field and proposing to his wife as a crowd of idle onlookers looked on thinking, "Roll Tide!" and "I wish Nick Saban was here shirtless!"

Proving that women want to get married so badly they can make anything seem romantic, the woman here seems to be inclined to say yes. 

Which is unfortunate. 

Because I think if you get proposed to at a spring game every woman should say no out of principle. 

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SEC's Slive Addresses Joe Paterno and Penn State

Written by: Clay Travis

Hoover, Alabama

SEC commissioner Mike Slive works for weeks on his annual message to the media. He writes draft after draft, revises then revises some more. Which is why it's significant that Slive became the first conference commissioner to address the situation at Penn State, albeit indirectly. Midway through his morning address Slive pivoted from recommendations on NCAA rule changes to address the situation at Penn State. "Last week's headlines remind us that we must be ever vigilant on all issues of integrity and that our primary mission is to educate and protect young people."

Slive continued, "No one program, no one person, no matter how popular, no matter how successful, can be allowed to derail the soul of an institution."

Last week Sarah Grimes filed a lawsuit seeking civil damages for an alleged assault by Kristen Saban, daughter of Alabama head coach Nick Saban.

OKTC brought you Saban's initial response, now OKTC has Kristen Saban's answer to the complaint, which was just filed ten minutes ago in the circuit court of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama.

Kristen's defense is incredibly detailed and worthy of a read for anyone who read the intial complaint filed by Sarah Grimes. According to Saban's response it was "pretty much an even fight."

I spent Friday playing golf, drinking, and boating.

So the Friday mailbag is now the Monday mailbag. This means you get two mailbags this week. I know, I know, try to contain your excitement.

We've had a lot of awkward fan photos, but so far Georgia fans have escaped ridicule. That changed this week when a brawl broke out a little league game. (No Kristen Saban was not involved). What was the impetus for the brawl? One dad, an Auburn fan, was playing "All I Do Is Win" too loudly.


A Georgia fan took exception.

Leading to this Shakespearean dialogue.

“I’m here to f*** you up,” one witness told the paper that King, the brother of the Harris County All-Stars’ coach, said to Davidson.

“Well, here I am,” Davidson allegedly replied.

Kristen Saban Files Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit

Written by: Clay Travis

This morning Kristen Saban's attorney filed a response to the lawsuit that OKTC brought you last night. 

You can read that initial complaint here.

This motion to dismiss was just filed by Kristen Saban's lawyers minutes ago and we are featuring it in full below. 

Today Joe Paterno's legacy came crumbling down. 

His statue may follow. if he was still alive he'd likely die in prison. That's because Paterno lied to the grand jury and obstructed justice in a massive cover-up that went to the height of college athletics hypocrisy. 

In a scathing report released just minutes ago -- the site immediately crashed -- but we already have the quick takeaways here: Freeh's report cited a "callous and shocking disregard for child victims" as well as a "total disregard for safety and welfare" on behalf of Penn State president Graham Spanier, athletic director Tim Curley, vice president Gary Schultz, and former head coach Paterno. 

In particularly damning evidence the report uncovered that Paterno and other top officials were aware of the 1998 sexual assault allegations. All men have publicly lied about this fact before now. The Freeh report says that Paterno followed this 1998 investigation closely "but failed to take any action."

From a May 1998 email with the subject line "Jerry' athletic director Tim Curley wrote to Schultz: "Anything new in this department? Coach is anxious to know where it stands." 

 First came Harvey Updyke killing the trees, then came the Alabama teabagging, and now comes the Triple Crown of Crimson Tide fandom, Nick Saban's only daughter, a former Phi Mu at Alabama is being sued for delivering a beat down of epic proportions. A concusssion, lacerations, and difficulty studying. That's a process of beatings. Think of it as the sorority girl equivalent of the BCS title game, total domination from start to finish.

Somehwere Jordan Jefferson is like, "I feel you Sarah Grimes."

It begins as all sorority catfights do, over a boy.  

Back in happier times Alabama officially announced that Grimes and Saban were sorority sisters. Post-catfight Kristen is no longer a Phi Mu. 


How did this civil lawsuit initially come to light? An LSU fan posted it on a message board. 

Only in the SEC. 

We actually held this for several hours after being tipped off -- after all LSU pranks are notorious for their amazing details -- and reached out to Alabama to see if they had a comment on the civil litigation. So far Alabama has said nothing in response to our emails. 

Thursday morning Alabama responded to OKTC's request for comment, referring all questions to Kristen Saban's attorney. 

Shortly thereafter OKTC received the following email from attorney Joshua P. Hayes: "Bob Prince and I are proud to represent Kristen Saban. We strongly dispute the allegations -- and that's all they are at this point -- made in the complaint. We will vigorously defend Kristen and the truth will come out."

Saban's attorneys filed a motion to dismiss this morning, which you can read in full here.

We've also reached out to both lawyers in the complaint to see whether or not Saban's daughter has filed her response to the lawsuit. When we hear from either attorney we'll update the story as well. 

In the meantime, the big question here is this: Nick Saban is worth tens of millions so why didn't he just settle this lawsuit before it went public? For a couple of hundred thousand this story would have never seen the light of day. Now it's everywhere. 

The details according to the complaint?

Well the details are basically mad libs Internet viral: sorority fight, plus the SEC's best coach, plus insane quotes, plus...just read the complaint for yourself.

The best news for Alabama is that the Freeh report comes out tomorrow morning and will help kill the momentum of this story.

But this is enough for Alabama to claim a new crown, your stupidity has officially been topped Kentucky and the Crimson Tide just claimed a new national title.   

As we continue to roll out the data from Outkick the Coverage's first year in business, here's a roster of our 25 largest cities for both desktop and mobile. I haven't broken these cities down on a per capita basis so these are just raw visit numbers that all come from Google Analytics. The Google Analytics data isn't flawless, but I think it's accurate enough to give a strong indication of where y'all are reading the site from. 

It's not a suprise that Nashville is our top market since it's my hometown and our 3HL show airs on 104.5 the Zone, which is the nation's highest rated sports talk station. (By the way, I just Tweeted out this link, but if you ever listen to sports talk radio you have to read an oral history from Grantland of the nation's first all sports station -- WFAN. It's truly amazing.)  So Nashville at the top was no surprise, but if you've ever wondered what kind of punch Texas A&M and Missouri will bring to the SEC, just scan the list of OKTC's top markets.

Three of our top ten markets are in Texas and St. Louis and Kansas City are both in our top 17 markets.

Now is that a perfect approximation of fan interest? Of course not, but it does suggest that there's an awful lot of fervent fans that can't wait for SEC football to get rolling. It's also pretty good evidence that the SEC has added a huge number of fans for the foreseeable future. After all, there are 31 million people living in Texas and Missouri, the entire SEC population before expansion was just 50 million.

So OKTC would like to humbly thank the SEC for expanding. Our site traffic eagerly looks forward to your teams in Virginia and North Carolina. Also, to forestall the, "That's just because of expansion emails," the traffic has been pretty consistent from those locations, not just spiking for expansion news alone.   

So let's dive in to the top 25 data here. 

Back on July 20th, 2011 I launched Outkick the Coverage.

It was the first day of SEC Media Days.

Just like anyone who starts any business I was nervous as hell. I had two boys under the age of three and I'd made a gamble that where I worked didn't matter anymore. After seven years at CBS, FanHouse and Deadspin, I'd come to believe that you guys would find me no matter what company I wrote for. So, really, I was gambling on you guys, the readers who have followed me over all these years.

That gamble paid off in the first year. Over four million unique visitors have come through the OKTC doors in our first year and over 60% of that traffic is social media, you guys sharing our content through Twitter and Facebook and online message boards. What's more, we produced over thirty million ad impressions, a massive number for an independent site with no relationship with any major site for linkage.

Those numbers are small compared to the big boys, but they aren't artificial.

They're real and to me they're spectacular.

Better than I could have hoped.

In fact, I had no real idea what to expect at all.   

Which means today is the day when I give y'all a big, sloppy Internet embrace. 

I'm writing this mailbag from Mackinac Island, where the lower peninsula meets the upper peninsula in Michigan. This may be the only place in the continental United States that isn't 80 degrees today. Basically, it's heaven. But I've been up here for a couple of days now and I'll begin the mailbag with a question that I pondered as we were walking around in Mackinac City yesterday, why do all vacation spot restaurants have pancakes and all vacation hotels have jacuzzis?

Neither makes any sense to me because neither is much of a luxury. 

For instance, is there some lack of pancakes? Are there people in America who want pancakes and can't find them anywhere? I mean, I get that pancakes are tasty and all, but go to an American vacation spot -- the Smoky Mountains, Mackinac Island, Destin, Florida -- and every restaurant has pancakes (or waffles). 


Most people thought that the last time we'd ever see Jerry Sandusky outside of a jail cell was in the immediate moments after his conviction. As a handcuffed Sandusky walked to a police car, ducked down, and slipped inside the back of the cruiser, he vanished from fresh air, forever banished to a jail cell. But unfortunately for Penn State Sandusky just doesn't disappear. He's a key witness in the upcoming perjury trials against former vice president Gary Shultz and former athletic director Tim Curley. Both of these men have been charged with perjury for providing false information to the grand jury. In light of the emails uncovered by CNN these charges could grow to include conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and additional counts of perjury.

So who is likely to be the key witness to determine exactly what happened in the cover-up?

You guessed it, Jerry Sandusky.

Yes, Sandusky will be back in the courtroom only this time he'll be a key witness for either the state of Pennsylvania or Curley and Schultz. Amazingly, Sandusky holds the fate of both men -- as well as Joe Paterno's legacy -- in his felon hands.

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