Bama Fan Pays Off Iron Bowl Bet With Auburn Belly Button Ring

Published on: January 27, 2014 | Written by: Clay Travis

The best thing about the Alabama-Auburn rivalry is the inventive way that members of each fan base find to torture each other.   Thanks to Outkick's growth we get inundated with great emails and Twitter tips. But rarely do the pictures get any better than this.    Which brings us to an email from Scott F.:  

"Two of my friends have been making Iron Bowl bets since college, so for over 10 years now. The bets began innocently such as singing the other teams fight song, buying the other guys drinks all night and have slowly progressed. They are now getting to a dangerous level. In 2006 the bet was shaved heads, that's when we found out one friend was bald because his hair never grew back. They each have tattoos of the other teams colors. Since this year's Iron Bowl was boring with not much on the line (sarcasm font), they made a bet to attempt to keep everyone's interest in the game and bet belly button rings.  

Have you ever seen a dude with a belly button ring?! It's quite disturbing.

My question to you, what could next year's bet be top this with safety only a secondary concern?

I'm sure we aren't the only people that do this, I wonder what other stupid bets people make out there over their rivalry games.

Love the site Clay, sure my boss would hate it if he knew how much money in productivity it costs him."
Yep, that's an Alabama man over thirty with an Auburn belly-button ring.
And you thought the kick six was a rough outcome for you. 
Somewhere in Alabama two opposing fans watched that final kick sail through the air with a belly button ring riding on the outcome. 
I can't think of a funnier bet pay off.
Can you?

Let's hear them.