Bama Wins National Signing Day With Houndstooth Skirt Girl

Published on: February 01, 2012 | Written by: Clay Travis

 I love Alabama fans because y'all are crazy.

Last year you had a fax cam girl, this year you had a fax cam houndstooth skirt girl.

Starting early this morning y'all deluged my Twitter with pictures of the girl's outfit as we rolled to Indianapolis for the Super Bowl.

Granted, this wasn't the official Alabama fax feed, but the fact that a Bama fan would even think to couple sex with signing day? Well, that shows you why NSD stands for Nick Saban Day.

Yet again the Tide are at the top of the recruiting rankings.

And yet again Alabama is at the top of my heart.

 Not bad, huh?

As we drove to the Super Bowl in Indianapolis, I tweeted out several of these images.

Houndstooth had never been more popular.

 Not bad here either, right?

It was heaven on earth, a number one recruiting class and a smoking hot girl telling you about the recruits.

Be honest, you're drooling.

And just as several Alabama fans are prepared to propose marriage.


NCAA sanctions.