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The 25 Highest Rated Sports Talk Stations March of 2014

Every three or four months Outkick takes a look at the sports talk radio ratings to compile the top 25 sports talk stations in the country. The only public data on these ratings is published here and relies upon the largest possible measurement of the audience -- ratings share for listeners ages six + from six in the morning until midnight.  It's not a perfect data set, but it's the most fair since a station can't rate highly all day long unless its day part ratings are much higher than the six to midnight number.

These are ratings share numbers, not total listener numbers. That is, each station is being compared based on the percentage of people in a market listening, not based on the number of listeners. But as you can see below, both large, small, and mid-size cities are well-represented in this list.  

So which stations in the nation's fifty largest radio markets are the highest rated in the country for March?

You can dive in below. 

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