What's going on at Texas A&M?
What's going on at Texas A&M?
What's going on at Texas ...

What's going on at Texas A&M?

Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?
Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?
Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Tur...

Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?

Will the SEC Network Carry Clemson at Georgia?
Will the SEC Network Carry Clemson at Georgia?
Will the SEC Network Carr...

Will the SEC Network Carry Clemson at Georgia?

Game of Thrones Season Four Episode 3: Tywin Interrupts the Orgy Edition
Game of Thrones Season Four Episode 3: Tywin Interrupts the Orgy Edition
Game of Thrones Season Fo...

Game of Thrones Season Four Episode 3: Tywin Interrupts the Orgy Edition

Johnny Jetski: Manziel Snags Deep Ball
Johnny Jetski: Manziel Snags Deep Ball
Johnny Jetski: Manziel Sn...

Johnny Jetski: Manziel Snags Deep Ball

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Why Doesn't Fox, CBS, Turner or NBC Buy the WWE?

Written by: Clay Travis

Last week, as it is virtually every week, the WWE's "Monday Night Raw" was one of the most watched television shows on cable, posting the second, third and fourth most watched hours on cable television. The only cable hour that had more viewers was HBO's "Game of Thrones." The WWE beat every NBA playoff game on cable by nearly a million viewers. Look at the ratings and it's readily apparent, the WWE brings big time viewers. Interestingly enough the WWE is also in the midst of negotiating new television rights deals, aiming for in the neighborhood of $200 million a year, a big increase over the $139.5 million a year which the WWE currently receives from its broadcast partners.

Why the big increase?

Because sports on television means big ratings. (Yes, I'm counting the WWE as a sport). Ninety percent of the WWE's viewers watch live. Right now the WWE's television package, in addition to Monday Night's "Raw," includes Syfy’s “Friday Night SmackDown,” “Main Event” on ION Television, the CW’s “Saturday Morning Slam” and the reality show “Total Divas” on E! That's a lot of programming. I've been paying a lot of attention to the WWE recently and, full disclosure, I am a shareholder in the company. (There's nothing like telling your wife that you've invested part of your retirement savings in the WWE). With the launch of their new over-the-top network. I wrote about the WWE network extensively a couple of weeks ago.  

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What Kind of Porn Is Most Popular in the Big Ten?

Written by: Clay Travis

A couple of weeks ago we dove into the porn habits of each SEC state.

The results were wildly popular. You were dirty, dirty birds Kentucky.

Thanks to massive data analysis, the top ten most searched porn terms by state have been compiled here.

Of course we immediately thought about every state in football terms and wondered, which conference is the dirtiest?

So after analyzing the SEC's porn state favorites, what conference makes sense to do next?

The Big Ten, of course.

By Brett Ungashick

In the last week we have seen quite different approaches to connecting with collegiate athletes. On one end of the spectrum was Mike Rice who attempted to inspire players by throwing basketballs at their heads and calling them "f***ing f***ots." There's not a whole lot to add to the Rutgers situation that hasn't already been said. Yes, the school administrators predictably protected the profits over the people who were producing them. Yes, Mike Rice is certainly not the only coach in the country who has abused his free laborers. Additionally, the most embarrassing part of the situation is that had Rutgers done better than 15-16, and been a perennial tournament team, Rice would still have a future in coaching. Winning takes care of everything. Don't believe me and Tiger? Bob Knight, the original Mike Rice, is a public face of ESPN and even amidst the Rutgers outrage, Knight was able to appear in a commercial during the championship game. 

Texas A&M's SEC Monopoly in Longhorn State

Written by: Clay Travis

As the official announcement of the billion dollar SEC Network in partnership with ESPN inches closer and closer, one aspect of the SEC's expansion to add Texas A&M and Missouri -- a decision that was worth over $100 million a year -- has gone unexplored. That's this, does Texas A&M have SEC exclusivity in the state of Texas? This is an important question because the SEC Network's spigot of money will be eye-opening and astounding. The SEC and ESPN are about to make money rain on college athletics in a way that money's never rained on college athletics before.

When you make it rain on college athletics, other schools take notice and want to experience the shower themselves. (Yes, this means colleges are just like strippers.) 

Those of you who read OKTC have been nearly two years ahead of the SEC Network narrative. While most fans and media focused on the value of the SEC renegotiating its existing TV deal, we told you that A&M and Missouri represented a new paradigm for the SEC, a network era for the nation's most popular college conference. Expansion to 14 wasn't about extracting more money from ESPN or CBS, it was about getting filthy rich off a brand new network.

Kentucky Is Alabama In a Winter Jacket

Written by: Clay Travis

Kentucky is Alabama with a winter coat.

This has been my hypothesis for several years, but Louisville's title last night confirmed that I'd been correct all along. Louisville is Kentucky's Auburn, the school with a minority share of a state that's crazy about a single sport. Basketball is to Kentucky as football is to Alabama.  

Louisville and Birmingham, the largest cities in both states, are separated by just 367 miles on Interstate 65. The states of Kentucky and Alabama, perpetual laggards in relatively unimportant standings such as education, health, and percentage of residents with college degrees, have chosen to specialize in basketball and football, respectively.

It's what they do.

The similarities between the sporting cultures of Alabama and Kentucky are uncanny -- you have a massive state school that takes up the majority of the rooting interests -- Kentucky and Alabama, spunky state schools that have a vibrant minority of fans -- Louisville and Auburn, nearly identical populations 4.8 million in Alabama vs. 4.4 million in Kentucky, limited population growth from outsiders, and no pro sports in either state.

The result?

The states are mirror images of each other, with college sports more popular in their largest markets than in any other cities in the country.

By Mike McCall

Perhaps the saddest part of college sports — beyond the athletes being trapped in serfdom, the cheapening of higher education and the hypocrisy of the NCAA — is that the people most upset by the system, the players and fans, have the power to change it and won’t.

Nebraska Wins Week With Kid Touchdown

Written by: Clay Travis

It has been a rough week for college athletics.

What with the Rutgers scandal and the continuing unveiling of the mess that was Auburn athletics, there wasn't much uplifting news.

Until, that is, Nebraska called in seven year old cancer patient Jack Hoffman.

And ran a play for him in the Cornhusker spring game.

By Nick Pritchard

The following is an all too real conversation between my group of friends:

Scenarios 1 and 2: 

BC: Suppose one of us could play running back on Dan’s middle school football team. Would we score every time we touched the ball?

BG: Yes. Are you really asking if a decently in shape 28 year old man could run over 13 year old children? Let me ask you another question. Does Dylan Moses play for Dan’s team?

BC: No

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding former Auburn football player Mike McNeil has been this, why did he wait until one week before his scheduled trial date to suddenly tell his side of the story to Selena Roberts?

It doesn't make much sense, particularly because many of the jurors in his criminal trial are likely to be Auburn fans. Why alienate those jurors by going after the university that those jurors probably support? It doesn't make any sense at all to put the most popular employer on trial in an effort to prove that you didn't commit a robbery. It would appear to be foolhardy in the extreme, completely and totally idiotic.

But that, apparently, is part of McNeil's defense strategy for his upcoming robbery trial, to argue that Auburn is partly to blame.

I guess you have to throw up some legal hail marys when the police pull over your car minutes after the robbery and find you and three other men with stolen objects. 

So how will McNeil make his case? 

OKTC has obtained the 33 person subpoena'd witness list for McNeil's trial; the list features at least seven former members of the Auburn Tigers football team. Three of the players on the witness list were also charged with armed robbery alongside McNeil. 

Those seven players are: Deangelo Benton, Anthony Morgan, Shaun Kitchens, Dakota Mosley, Neiko Thorpe, a current Kansas City Chief, Michael Dyer, who has since transferred from Auburn and is seeking to enroll at another school for the 2013 season, and Antonio Goodwin. 

Kitchens, Mosley, and Goodwin were also charged alongside McNeil in the 2011 armed robbery. Goodwin has already been of armed robbery after a 2012 trial. His defense? That he'd been smoking synthetic marijuana before the crime and was not responsible for his actions. 

Goodwin is currently serving 15 years in jail.  

It's Friday and Auburn fans are under siege in the mailbag.

It's like Groundhog Day at Outkick the Coverage. 

I forgot what it was like to have Auburn fans ripping me on Twitter. And to have Alabama fans loving me. It's amazing how brilliant I am in Tuscaloosa when I'm making fun of Auburn and it's amazing how brilliant I am in Auburn when I'm making fun of Alabama. But, boy, I sure am an idiot in Auburn right now. 

Who knew intelligence could come and go so quickly?

Our beaver pelt trader of the week is FBI agent Stan Beaman on "The Americans." You seriously need to be watching this show. 


Now on to the mailbag.  

Final 4 Odds and Ends

Written by: Todd Fuhrman

Sixty four games are already complete and we’ve officially closed the book on March college hoops. Only 3 games remain before we can go back to preoccupying ourselves exclusively with football chatter and trying to figure out how many sanctions the NCAA throws Auburn’s way if this week’s allegations are substantiated. In the meantime, kick back, relax, and watch a few good college basketball games and try to make yourself a few bucks in the process.

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