Kentucky Fan Gets Asked to Prom Via Jersey
Kentucky Fan Gets Asked to Prom Via Jersey
Kentucky Fan Gets Asked t...

Kentucky Fan Gets Asked to Prom Via Jersey



Should Tallahassee Police Get a National Title Ring?
Should Tallahassee Police Get a National Title Ring?
Should Tallahassee Police...

Should Tallahassee Police Get a National Title Ring?

Johnny Manziel Introduces New Lady Friend At Rangers Game
Johnny Manziel Introduces New Lady Friend At Rangers Game
Johnny Manziel Introduces...

Johnny Manziel Introduces New Lady Friend At Rangers Game

Cuonzo Is Gonzo: So Who's Next for the Vols?
Cuonzo Is Gonzo: So Who's Next for the Vols?
Cuonzo Is Gonzo: So Who's...

Cuonzo Is Gonzo: So Who's Next for the Vols?

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Kentucky Fan Gets Asked to Prom Via Jersey

Written by: Clay Travis

Since Outkick is generally a site that brings you the sweetest, cuddliest, nicest news on the Internet, we thought it was time to remind you that it's prom season across our nation's country. A time when hormone-crazed teenage boys contemplate every possible way to get their dates to sleep with them -- while mostly failing -- and fathers contemplate killing whichever boy shows up to take out their teenage daughter.  

Which brings us to this heartwarming story delivered to Outkick's email:

Will Ernst writes:

"My sister got asked to prom by her boyfriend who made a custom Kentucky jersey. We live in Lincoln, Nebraska now but moved from Kentucky awhile back. Hope you enjoy."

Okay, all together now -- awwwww. 

This is probably the best use of a Kentucky basketball jersey on a white man since Patrick Sparks. 

Congrats, Liz.

Have fun at prom.

(P.S. despite what your date tells you blue balls aren't an actual medical condition.)  

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By Craig Hayes

I took a rare sick day this week after a brief bout with the flu. I've been lucky with my health over the years, and I don’t take many vacations, so it is rare for me to be home on a weekday. Since I was too groggy from a fever to read, I channel surfed for a while until I came across an old, familiar sight on ESPN Classic. There he was on the TV, and I felt like I was 12 years old again.

Last week our buddy Paul Bessire stopped by OKTC to shed some statistical light on the odds that Alabama, Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame would all finish undefeated.

The odds were very low.

Then Notre Dame squeaked by Pitt in triple overtime, Alabama scored a touchdown with under a minute to play at LSU, Oregon outlasted USC, and Kansas State triumphed pulling away.

Suddenly the odds of a four-way undefeated mess have grown quite a bit, from around 1 percent to seven percent. Still not very good, but increasing rapidly.

What do Paul's odds suggest? Try this.

Every four years we all become "experts" in the oft forgotten political realm, bandwagoneers if you will. Party lines aren't drawn by institutional ties or by your college football allegiance but rather by the compulsion to actually feel involved in our civic duty. Just like the popularity polls in college football, everyone has their own criteria for amassing polling data used to forecast a winner. As a man who lives by the power of numbers, popular opinion rarely resonates in my decision making process. Empirical evidence exists to predict the winner of today's election long before it becomes official. If the betting parlors in far away places taking action on today's vote are any indication, our president for the next four years has already been determined.

All That and a Bag of Mail: 2012 Election Edition

Written by: Clay Travis

My political career ended in 2002 when I was fired from a congressional campaign for leaving without proper authorization and wrecking the candidate's wife's Volvo. I was working on the congressional campaign of Jim Cooper, now Nashville's congressman, after my first year of law school and I went to visit my then-girlfriend, now wife, in New York city without proper vacation authorization. I was Cooper's body man -- insert gay joke here -- which meant I was his driver and went everywhere he went. It was actually quite a bit of fun, Cooper was really smart and you find yourself alone in the car all the time racing from one event to another while you have conversations about pretty much everything.

Prior to being fired from the campaign I was a political junkie, college in Washington, D.C., four years working on the hill, I really cared.

Now I'm out of politics completely, I follow it but more as a curious observer than as a partisan.

As I've said before my political philosophy is now pro-markets and anti-stupidity. So basically I'm anti-NCAA.

Now it's election day and y'all seemed excited about a special OKTC election mailbag when I asked about it on Twitter last night.

So here we go.

You'll all hate me by the end.

Starting 11: Notre Dame is a fraud

Written by: Clay Travis

Notre Dame is a BCS title fraud.

Anyone who watched the Irish win in three overtimes against a choking Pittsburgh team knows that the Irish would stand no shot against legitimate competition. In fact, anyone with half a brain who watched Texas A&M play this weekend, knows that the Aggies, who I presently have as the fifth best team in the SEC, would trounce the Irish on a neutral site field. I also think South Carolina would whip the Irish. After another week I'm even more convinced that Notre Dame would be no better than the 7th best team in the SEC this season. 

I think if Alabama played Notre Dame in the BCS title game, the Tide would win by double digits 100 times out of 100. 

Five of Notre Dame's nine wins have come by a single score or less. 

Remember when the Irish beat Purdue 20-17? A three-point home win over a team that's so bad it can't even win a single Big Ten game? I do. 

Remember that astounding three-point home win over 5-4 BYU? I do. 

And on Saturday, needing a Pitt kicker to shank a 33 yard field goal to win?

Notre Dame has two quality wins all season, an overtime win over Stanford that may not have actually been a win -- I think Stanford got in -- and a road win at Oklahoma, where Bob Stoops did what he did in every big game against an opponent not named Texas, choked. 

How much better is Texas A&M than Notre Dame? The Aggies could beat the Irish with Johnny Manziel playing in Scooby Doo costume.  

You know you shouldn't be gambling when...

Written by: Todd Fuhrman

We all go through patches as gamblers, it's part of the inevitable evolution. No one wakes up one morning, makes the decision to become a professional bettor, and achieves instant success. Like any skilled vocation, picking winners often enough to call it a career takes time and comes with plenty of life lessons on the journey. However, I'm not here to tell you what it's going to take for you to quit a job, move to Vegas, and fire large sums on football games since that would make me a real career counselor. Instead, here are 10 signs choosing gambling as a full time career pursuit would be a bigger disaster than taking over as head coach of the Kentucky football program.

You know you shouldn't be gambling when...

Kentucky Fires Joker Phillips

Written by: Clay Travis

Yesterday Joker Phillips's Kentucky team lost 40-0 to Vanderbilt in front of a tiny crowd.

Today athletic director Mitch Barnhart bowed to the inevitability of a 1-9 football season, firing head coach Joker Phillips in the third year of his UK tenure.

There were just over 19,000 people actually in the stadium for the Vandy game.


That's less than Rupp seats by about 5,000 fans.

The buyout will cost $2.55 million.

Alabama's Dream Lives

Written by: Clay Travis

Baton Rouge 

In the wake of his team's win over South Carolina, Les Miles called Tiger Stadium the place where opponent's dreams go to die in a post-game interview. But on Saturday night in Death Valley, with the largest crowd in Tiger Stadium history roaring, and just over a minute left in a game that his team was trailing 17-14, AJ McCarron made his own dream come true and kept alive his team's dream of defending its national title. McCarron drove his team 72 yards for a touchdown that SEC fans will be talking about for decades, an instant classic from down South, a game that will be in regular rotation on the SEC Classics show on the coming SEC Network.

This wasn't just a game between two great teams, it was a contest of wills, pitting the South's two most successful football coaches, Les Miles and Nick Saban, in their seventh gridiron war in six years, the process vs. the grass for all the SEC West marbles.

Yet again.

LSU's dream was redemption, another SEC West division title, ending the awful feeling that has hung over the Bayou Bengals like a neverending hangover since that night in New Orleans when a 13-0 season gave up the ghost. For Alabama, the dream was clearer, extending their dynastic reign over the country, repeating as champions, proving that they're still the finest team in the South. Demonstrating that they can find a way to win on the road despite the greatest home environment in the country, a night game at Tiger Stadium.

Yesterday OKTC brought you photos of Johnny "Scooby Doo" Manziel's great Halloween night in College Station.

You knew it was a good night, but now we know it was a great night. 


Thanks to the fine guys at Hookah Station in the Northgate District who submit this photo from Halloween night.

The mailbag's going up early today because I'm speaking at my high school, Martin Luther King Magnet, at honors assembly day. I'm really excited about this because it's the first time I'll have ever been to a high school assembly and not been a virgin.

I can't tell you what a difference this will make.

I spent 95% of high school assembly time deciding which girl in each class I would sleep with if the world was about to come to an end and I had to pick one girl to sleep with in every class. (I have no idea what girls thought about during high school assemblies, but I always assumed it was how to avoid sleeping with Clay Travis if the world was about to come to an end and they had to sleep with one person in every class). I''ve written about this before in the mailbag, but every man reading today has done some version of this in his life. In fact, just about every grown man can tell you which girl he'd pick if you give him a high school class. (At least the ones who can remember anything from high school. I can't tell you what I had for lunch yesterday, but I can somehow tell you who I sat next to in 7th grade English class.) Like, for me, I can just rattle off my list: 10th grade English, our teacher, April Henry, 9th grade Algebra I, Anna-Marie Vandermeer, 8th grade Latin, Kesha Robertson, 10th grade French II -- Mais oui, bonjour, I dropped Latin after a year -- Duyen Ho -- her real name, 10th grade geometry, Jinaki Stallworth. I'm not kidding, I can do this for just about every class I ever took from 7th to 12th grade at Nashville's Martin Luther King Magnet. 

What's more, I was skillful about this, like I didn't ever double up with girls. So if I had multiple classes with girls, I'd save them for the less talented class later in the day rather than waste them in a class where there were a bunch of hot girls.

It was like a fantasy draft before fantasy sports even existed.

So, yeah, I didn't ever sleep with anyone in high school.  

In my defense, there was very little sex going on. I think like 80% of our high school class of 135 graduated virgins. It could even be a higher percentage.  

Anyway, as you can tell, the entire 7th to 12th grade at Martin Luther King Magnet is in for a real treat today.

The beaver pelt trader of the week is whoever took this glorious photo of Derek Dooley, which you can find here. Please click on this link so that you can confirm for yourself that this photo is real and not a photoshop.

I couldn't believe it when I saw it for the first time.

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