Clay Travis is a former columnist for CBSSports.com and FanHouse and a former editor for Deadspin. He has written two-bestselling books, Dixieland Delight and On Rocky Top, and one international bestseller -- in England, seriously -- Man: The Book. He co-hosts a daily radio show, 3 Hour Lunch, on Nashville's 104.5 the Zone from 3-6 central. A former attorney who realized that practicing law full time was miserable, Travis likes pink dolphins, beards, people who email him "your gay", and giving subtle nods in the direction of other men who have outkicked their coverage. He hopes this site makes your day more enjoyable. And for the clients who will be paying for their lawyers reading time, condolences. He can be reached with your inevitable hate mail at clay.travis@gmail.com

Hayley Frank is a native Texan from Houston who knows more about rare South African Rockhopper Penguins than she does about sports.

A  Vanderbilt grad, Lori, is the editor for the Bullpen.

A former oddsmakers at Caesar's, Todd is Outkick's Vegas expert.