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create your own league with custom settings and rules. invite others to play.

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continue last year's league with the ability to add, swap, or remove owners.


what's new in 2013

new league settings

  • Specify which days of week to process waivers
  • New "First Sunday Game" roster deadline option
  • More granular fumble-related scoring options
  • Leagues may now have a custom league logo

more league settings

  • New default league waiver processing days
  • FAAB improvements including new "Use Minimum Winning Bid"
  • Better invite process on Facebook & Twitter
  • Quicker access to renew leagues and teams

new features

  • Additional stats for decision making
  • Add/Drops now in one email instead of once for each move
  • Commish can now specify league home poll
  • Create and award your own accolades

general improvements

  • Improved Draft Overview
  • Graphical standings for easy spotting of trends, luck
  • Faster pre-draft ranking page
  • League home now screams playoffs at end of regular season