After registering with the site, create an entry for the game (you may have up to 3). Enter a name for your entry and check the box to receive weekly reminder emails.

If you've received a group invitation via email, clicking the link in the email will also start the process to create an entry.
After you've created an entry, decide what group to join. Or create your own. You may change groups until any game is scored.

There are official team groups which are open to the public. A new batch of official team groups are created each week through week 4, so if you're late to the game you can still play in a group with others starting at the same time.

There are also user-created groups. They may be public groups which do not require a password or private groups which do require a password.
Once you're in a group, you can begin inviting friends, family and co-workers to join. From within the Groups section, click the Invite Friends menu link and begin entering email addresses. If you've played in a group in previous seasons, you can simply check the box next to each former group member's name. It's that easy.

Plus, you can invite your friends on Facebook by following the step-by-step instructions. It's very easy.
Once you have an entry and you're part of a group, you can begin making picks for the season. You can do it one week at a time, or you can begin making picks for future weeks.

For each game of the week, we present quite a bit of detailed analysis of who "should" win the game. We have the population's pick indicating how users are picking in the Survivor game thus far and we have the highly respected WhatIfSports game prediction. Or you can do your own analysis by clicking either of the team names or the game time.

Picks for the week lock at 1:00 PM ET each week, so be sure to make your pick before then. Email reminders are available via the Entry Settings page and are sent to any user still needing to make a pick for an entry.

Only certain teams may be available for selection -- if a team has been selected in a previous week or earmarked for a future week. Unavailable teams are clearly marked and you can hover over the icon to see which week it's used. When you're ready to make a pick, just click on the indicator to the left of the team name. The Current Selection for the week will then be updated at the top of the page.

Games and picks are updated every 15 minutes. Once a game is updated after its completion, your pick and entry status will be updated. You can track how others in your group are faring in near real-time.

And, remember, you're still in the hunt for prizes until you lost your fourth game of the regular season. Final winners are decided in the playoffs.
See how you stack up against the rest of the competition -- both in your groups and the overall population.
Interested in seeing how the official "Fans Of" groups do on a weekly basis? Check out the Fans Of page.
This year, the standings have additional meaning. If you can survive the regular season by winning at least 14 games (3 or fewer losses), then you'll be in the hunt for some great prizes.

Qualify for the playoffs, and you have a great shot at winning a prize. Once the playoffs begin, you start from scratch. This means you can pick the teams you picked during the regular season, but you can't pick a team more than once during the playoffs. And once you lose, you're done. But don't forget to make your Super Bowl prediciton. It's used as the ultimate tiebreaker. Be sure to view the official rules for full details.
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