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Would Benfica hold off Barcelona and follow the Blaugrana to the next round?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And so then BK can still qualify to the round of sixteen tonight if they equal Celtic FC east result. Against NC sponsor most death but they haven't when he stated that he creates. Respect they went after. Maxed out it looked pretty good old Dixie today but he's pretty well right. Definitely today instincts -- -- That they did it with and it didn't go. These and he today he spit -- him that you. The place to get you maybe get opportunities that they can -- but it's in full Nancy not to let this night. He made the Sydney it was the outside out at. Sneaks ahead of the ninety stuff that we got to get drugs. The team in eighteen European Clay Matthews incidental to taught school and -- -- this evening. Okay. -- -- date and its lead up to the area so I took the tendencies to look to the place. They Manuel didn't say. He's champions they get people thought they did -- that's seven year old -- this day. That's the last based -- ability to couple its just needed it's not city's last night. They have six and eight had their chances here. You can sponsor announced that it -- it Celtic well. We've been down to -- -- since. It's an opportunity. In the NL they say. AT locals in 2012 but he won't equal minutes -- Having just come on as a substitute and that he witnessed that d'antoni can help -- to get pizza sponsor most. Celtics victory and behind it -- because you'll hit. They have to sensible the year make an eight.

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