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Celtic manager Neil Lennon shares his thoughts on being paired with Serie A leader Juventus.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Wanted to stay -- to the current Celtic manager see what he made that draw in the eleven joins us live from the yet training ground -- A very good morning -- sold each week that is saying sunset be nice to Celtics today. Would you make about kids that he's giving it. Well and and sounds of drama -- it's it's a beauty and you've had this one of the period in traditional European seems. You know current taught himself -- -- -- very strongly so in terms of mom and it's it's -- And Sam's quality -- since its going to be very very itself book. You know could have been any of the other teams and it would have been just a self put them. B we will take it as a -- we're looking forward to the -- fans I'm sure supporters will be as well. Confidence and belief of course but after what you've achieved so far and in the group stage skill players believe now. They can get Satan found in this competition. Well -- believe it would seem as anything is that possible. You know I mean you've had this embedded with world class stars and they have been very consistent over the past 18 months and I -- gonna be it will mentality. But there's so weak and that the Cubs do to create as impressively as we did. You know you just never know where you'll be animal that sees things in terms of fitness and their form. I'm just so we can payment infancy teams put them is very very savings facing the museum monitor the B. In this position to sit down what's -- -- their NL lets them. It's come very early in the managerial tree of a dollar figure today -- can prepare as best as county Memphis. I'm because you surprised so many people like gotten this -- -- already and many outside into the -- is off if you value in a no lose situation. Do you see it out like. Edison and Saudi Italians those -- when it comes so they worthy of the monitor our -- player. Expect decent level always raises. Our funds you know level today as it was then adjusting your own policy -- -- -- Marten in the on court and and this team is this sort of regional states again and they don't seem. But that's go great belief in themselves and the performed very well particularly from Umenyiora. And then event this is just another huge deal for -- city to enjoy it and violations them. Anything cannot believe that he deems them in the competition and wanna go as far as we count. And then we believe in this. I know about the celtics' fantastic program -- in the champions league nailed pull out but I would have a -- let a few weeks ago. How important that is not suspect the home -- candidate's chances. Well let's say it's pivotal -- a -- you've got to play this. You know the second leg at home with them. You know -- you have to take censor some sort of -- -- institution and for at least if -- degree sees more than anything was a chapter. On big enormous home. This is very important. And again you know the funds -- the -- of the parks on the net put them. You know Celek for a very special arena on the European -- I'm sure the reason if again city to bring the event -- to Glasgow. You know it's it's still so all the -- -- forward CM I'm sure these players will want to get the teeth into the game as well. And -- of the draw you know could have been candidate could have been worse as well when you look at some of the fixes a Lannan.

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