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Sir Alex Ferguson is happy with his squad and believes patience is the key to developing young talent.


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Reflections not reading at the forefront of science that since mine with the Manchester United boss highlighting his side's Premier League dominance. As a major factor in that performance in Madrid's. There's -- a good season for us who thought that it. -- ended it. Think health that week we knew we I think that's helped us in terms of because -- in between Wednesday's. I was disappointed for us tough always say in wins and further it would have been better sick enough over the drew don't. The shuttle and -- much during. Troubled soul might be off the agenda that fourteen years on the parallels as daunting this stack up. Premier League opponents in each round at the -- cannot and young players like -- will collect blossoming. Though no -- do anyhow let's assume. You know -- confidence and things you didn't have confidence himself. It was a fears for the occasion. This. They didn't decision to prison come as a behind them was -- come from an academy. As they've done is done for me has been with this is nine years of age. And I am tennis that is a great testimony to the fruit and his development to do -- young. -- in 1999 the united strip it's not suitable 51 points -- to 26 and -- games. This season that already fourteen points as a role for the same stage. The goalkeeper. Of the way could this Madrid heroics its rights that exist to -- to get Bentsen and Bentsen. Maturity helps a minister and if you go Q is. Do good to trust him as an unknown teenagers are approaching turn years of age. And it the finish shots to go in and pierce might for the Indians continues to his seven. And they -- -- it -- -- years so. That to him normally. Go Cuba's mid twenty's. Fool you really get the -- healthy I think. -- -- -- -- targets in his first -- not been nine years -- you have to go back to 1927. The last time Manchester United takes it defeats at the hands of -- James -- the sky sports.

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