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Roberto Mancini talks about his future with Manchester City.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Walking into more questions about his future with Manuel pedigree -- -- shadow looming over the green side -- matches that. But that's a nineteen he's come out fighting why must this isn't some changes that -- managed only two reasons. I don't know. And I can understand. Dellucci he's on the top step I'm not pitch and not -- on this deal. If you want to ask this question for -- to talk with them enough and I -- -- any problem. -- if I don't -- score -- just. We are doing. -- -- Nineteen comes face to face with -- -- under pressure manage on Sunday in the shape of Rafa Benitez. But the Italians who got a lot of expenses and in his sights rather than scratch. It's too much to form into an affinity. Not informed decision. So companies and if you win you run the best if you don't win another lost momentum. Not easy disease if I thought one job. I have seen them for a in the minors I'm not attend -- don't change there. Didn't hit that Vincent company remains to make you got to the game with Chelsea still plagued by -- problem. That's what his manager concerned and. Decide. Tomorrow. Morning is it taking longer than you thought it would go there yeah. An animal serious problem on Illinois not serious about if they got -- -- -- -- Mean strong injury because. I don't. Okay the decision is -- tool. Caller from these. He's injured ascent that you do that he's okay. Instead there's not there's -- world. City may never have gone full games about a Premier League win under the best of 1980. But they have beaten Chelsea and each of them off three pitches to get too excited and got a chance on school.

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