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Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has only beaten Everton once in seven meetings, but he hopes his team can turn their fortunes around.


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That's a mansion he's identified -- -- match against Edmonton as the stocks of the three matches which could decide the primary title. Ever since -- all draw against Manchester United last April was crucial to city's own title success last season. -- Mangini hopes -- points aside won't and city's hopes of catching united this season. Every game and I -- -- let them. It's very. Is difficult because everything. Is there. Braves. Manager. But it's not in his time with the announcement champions league they've got a replay against Chelsea in the FA -- police things stopped playing on their minds the hops. Tomorrow will be important day for us. I think that. And that's. Cruelty -- would be crucial. If if it is then we lose a point in these next two games. Do you think that you need -- -- this whole point. It's people that -- we all about funeral today and had great film against. He -- And not to have. And you. -- -- We hope that maybe. We can play I don't believe. Nine send -- points and I don't know less than what we did that. Well -- Mangini goes into tomorrow's game against seventy with a poor record against David -- since taking over at the FT -- December 2009. When Cheney has beaten once just once in seven meetings with the -- -- manager winning five times. Mangini sights -- I get to win go to some pot ever to winning all three previous home matches against them just to --

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