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Current Video:Redknapp: No pressure on QPR on Saturday|

Rangers manager Harry Redknapp believes his squad can play with freedom given the current form they're in when they travel to Aston Villa for a relegation battle.


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

You cannot travel to Aston Villa tomorrow looking to win three consecutive family matches for the first time since March 1995. I don't throughout furious design -- a trial or overrule fit to play. The manager Harry Redknapp reiterating his belief that 37 points will be enough to start out. Beat Pete Rose of bath pool leagues though we live in everybody's to within going to suit goes we've really so -- -- back in the picture so we come from. And -- situation it says say we would -- opens and I was packing it was off franchise. -- really on us and these two wins of givens renewed confidence. In good form I hit F five stolen base five match unbeaten run. You know. -- was the move was excellent and then we went in and hopefully this one -- by making only team in rebounds and two Indians out. You know who will be necessary to be facing now knowing -- -- Jesus which is the full in the position we use in two weeks ago and I saved 37 points. It's a totally wound up losing streak -- definitely 37 points. Not sure that we know we don't we will give it bits and pieces this thing tech 37 Tank Johnson we'll wait and see Williams can debate that until it.

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