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Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini has only 1 win against Everton in 7 attempts. Would he be able to pick up victory number 2?


Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it's indeed anxious to see -- Youkilis in the champions tried to close to within nine points at united. It was the home side into the league just toss the ball well famous -- but. Teeing up legal analyst but for a fourth in the strike from distance so -- -- -- slope -- it doesn't feel horrible. It's -- sort of going through these 300 style for the club equipment better. -- -- -- quoted -- 64 points in 21 measles antibodies against the Hokies seemed superintendent -- took notes. When it looked like they've been through a tough loss. What stage did you know was sent -- for a -- -- the defense -- -- to -- the first starts up. All of -- beat Garcia and -- -- movement. We've been -- two weeks. To send these South Africa that he. It seemed to go but only suits you though only briefly this that I -- with all of that is so we feel snake before. -- build all the follow up with consecutive night. Yes but yet we got. It's old school with the team needed to that because. You -- -- what. And that's it -- it. Hit three wood and two putted about went to the -- -- a school. -- -- -- there -- -- no -- -- themselves will -- but podium three people who will be linked almost Tennessee's Phillip was pulled. Glad that I love for the lady the replay showing it was clearly inside the penalty area. It typically a really bad that he'll face cool city and -- pointed -- fifty points of 1990. I think maybe the freaknik. -- plenty painful but it's a breakaway in the month but it would still be tied with sixty that has given it up field but maybe physically to get the picture all of as a substitute. That is if that's it still sealed the victory. I thought this week with David going to set -- -- in eleven years for the day since the -- To get everything.

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