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Current Video:Juventus v Bayern Munich UEFA Champions League Highlights 04/10/13|

Relive all of today's action as Bayern Munich visited Juventus in the second leg of their Champions League quarterfinal.


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You go down for the first leg advantage they FC fight that -- the second leg -- that looked up behind outside. You know it. Is one thing you -- at. The ability to very good six. -- -- -- Few back but today yeah. Into what looked like. They just -- them all of a bit sick so I think what makes this day. School you know put up last weekend at Barry and those -- and scored yet but it tonight. League champion. -- the weekend but. It actually mean it could run that. He's done very nice when he got up. Unexpected though it's still way. He'll. Be very. Its rightful. Role but it's what a -- not like -- to the post. A lot of it got anything to ride all of a -- I don't know -- -- night. Well do you get saying that -- Its goals. And not to play the golf that bodes well I get to the golf ball. In the end he couldn't really nice. It's -- it's like. The key to finish it up nice and -- go. Look at things aren't a substitute. Yeah on the likes colonial on aggregate and outplayed Utley finished. What -- night will slide for the Dutch audience full seasons there into the city thought it was.

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