Our Head-to-Head feature is based on season stats. Check marks were given to the team with a higher ranking for that particular category.

Average Team Rankings
0.0 Total Offense 0.0
0.0 Total Defense 0.0
0.0 Passing Offense 0.0
0.0 Passing Defense 0.0
0.0 Rushing Offense 0.0
0.0 Rushing Defense 0.0
0.0 Receiving Offense 0.0
0.0 Receiving Defense 0.0
0.0 Punting 0.0
0.0 Return 0.0
0.0 Kicking 0.0

Total Offense
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Total Yds/Game
Total 1st Downs
3rd Down Efficiency
4th Down Efficiency
Total TDs
Scoring Efficiency
3 and Out Drives
Penalty Yds
Avg Total Off. Rank 0.0 0.0

Total Defense
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Opp. Points/Game
Opp. Total Yds/Game
Opp. Total 1st Downs
Opp. 3rd Down Efficiency
Opp. 4th Down Efficiency
Opp. Total TDs
Opp. Scoring Efficiency
Opp. 3 and Out Drives
Opp. Penalties
Opp. Penalty Yds
Avg Total Def. Rank 0.0 0.0

Passing Offense
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Total Attempts
Total Completions
Completion Pct.
Passing Yds/Game
Passing TDs
INTs Thrown
QB Rating
Passing 1st Downs
Sacks Allowed
Sacks Yds Allowed
Avg Passing Off. Rank 0.0 0.0

Passing Defense
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Opp. Total Attempts
Opp. Total Completions
Opp. Completion Pct.
Opp. Passing Yds/Game
Opp. Yds/Attempts
Opp. Passing TDs
Opp. QB Rating
Opp. Passing 1st Downs
Sacks Yds
Avg Passing Def. Rank 0.0 0.0

Rushing Offense
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Total Attempts
Rushing Yds/Game
Rushing TDs
Rushing 1st Downs
Rushing Fumbles
Avg Rushing Off. Rank 0.0 0.0

Rushing Defense
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Opp. Total Attempts
Opp. Rushing Yds/Game
Opp. Yds/Carry
Opp. Rushing TDs
Opp. Rushing 1st Downs
Opp. Rushing Fumbles
Avg Rushing Def. Rank 0.0 0.0

Receiving Offense
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Receiving Yds/Game
Receiving TDs
Receiving 1st Downs
Receiving Fumbles
Avg Receiving Off. Rank 0.0 0.0

Receiving Defense
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Opp. Receptions
Opp. Receiving Yds/Game
Opp. Yds/Receptions
Opp. Receiving TDs
Opp. Receiving 1st Downs
Opp. Receiving Fumbles
Avg Receiving Def. Rank 0.0 0.0

Punting Stats
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Punting Yds
Punting Average
Inside 20
Net Punting Average
Avg Punting Stats Rank 0.0 0.0

Return Stats
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Kick Returns
Kick Return Yds
Kick Returns for TD
Punt Returns
Punt Return Yds
Punt Returns for TD
Avg Returns Stats Rank 0.0 0.0

Kicking Stats
Stat Rk Stat Rk
Extra Points Made
Extra Points Pct.
Field Goals Made
Field Goal Pct.
FG 1-19
FG 20-29
FG 30-39
FG 40-49
FG 50+
Avg Kicking Stats Rank 0.0 0.0